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Yo! Anybody here into the Cataracs? They are really fucking catchy. Whenever I'm feeling down or in a bad mood, I listen to their stuff. Its the perfect bad day remedy!

They have a new track called "I Fell in Love with a Black Girl". I'm not kidding. It's such a jam.

Download it for free here.

You're gonna love it. Especially if you're into bands like Chromeo, Schwayze, and Cobra Starship.

Their myspace is here. Check em out!!

The Cataracs

Anyone else heard of The Cataracs? If you haven't, definitely definitely check them out, their stuff is so catchy and their lyrics are really funny sometimes. Listen to the songs they have up on their myspace - Also, they just put their new video for Julia - one of my favorites - up on youtube a couple weeks ago. It's definitely worth watching -
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Ever wonder what it must be like to live in the UK? So close to all the synthy pop you can handle, sometimes it's not so far away. Shy Child is another US group in a long line to make that trip, and make their dreams come true.

Shy Child
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Visual Stimulation Part 2

We at RSJ are proud to present AV Club!

"As of late, VJ Jon Corun has been turning heads in the Baltimore/DC scene with his unique take on dance club visuals. Instead of the usual swirling neon lights and computer generated graphics, AV CLUB uses loads of obscure clips to create live audio-response videos. Wanna see Mr. T move in time with Justice? Or John Travolta get down to DJ Dara? AV CLUB is just what you're looking for."

The complete interview is here.
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My "O" Face

O! O! O!

I saw Mike Relm open for The Blue Man Group back in February, and he was amazing. Leading to this interview...

Oh Yeah! Our newest feature is up at!

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At Long Last

It's been quite a while for us, but now we're back in the swing of things. Head on over to for our newest features on Chemlab and KMFDM.

I would also like to thank Jared Louche of Chemlab for his wonderful compliments at and Sean Payne of Cyanotic for his undying support of RSJ.

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Slide On In The Back Alley Entrance

New Official Theme Song of RSJ:
"The Thunder Of Friendship" Tenacious D

Friendship is the spark that lights the fire in my soul
Bursting red-yellow like a mystical unicorn's gold
We brothers, 2, on a journey of joy and wonder
Spirits united, the universe cowers,
in total fucking fear of our friendship's thunder!

With the fury of a thousand suns
(our friendship)
Our merciless friendship summons the power of almightly Zeus!
(I'm talking about friendship)
Holding sway over the pitiful masses
(our friendship)
Our friendship
Squeezing the bones of the lonely
And sipping on the dripping juice!

Mother-Fucking Friendship!!!

Thats right, welcome to the show.
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