September 13th, 2006

mod kali

Slide On In The Back Alley Entrance

New Official Theme Song of RSJ:
"The Thunder Of Friendship" Tenacious D

Friendship is the spark that lights the fire in my soul
Bursting red-yellow like a mystical unicorn's gold
We brothers, 2, on a journey of joy and wonder
Spirits united, the universe cowers,
in total fucking fear of our friendship's thunder!

With the fury of a thousand suns
(our friendship)
Our merciless friendship summons the power of almightly Zeus!
(I'm talking about friendship)
Holding sway over the pitiful masses
(our friendship)
Our friendship
Squeezing the bones of the lonely
And sipping on the dripping juice!

Mother-Fucking Friendship!!!

Thats right, welcome to the show.
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